108. Lipi Data Systems

It was a disappointing year for this Mumbai-based peripherals company. The company, which had seen a growth of 11.9% last year, saw a downfall, with a lowering of revenues by 2.4% to about R 68.9
crore, against Rs 70.5 last year. However, in a significant development, IBM India appointed Lipi Data Systems as a solution provider for IBM Laser Printers. With the addition of IBM workgroup and production laser printers, Lipi hopes to improve its brand image.


  • Negative growth of 2.4%
  • IBM appoints Lipi as solution provider for laser printers
CEO: Mukul Singhal STARTUP YEAR: 1986
PRODUCTS: Printers, manufacturing and marketing support, toner cartridges
EMPLOYEES: 227 BRANCHES: 59 ADDRESS: 1, Mittal Chamber, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021
TEL: 2882960  FAX: 2873314 WEBSITE: www.lipidata.com

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