100X.VC-backed technology company Wizzy raises nearly $300k

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100X.VC portfolio company Wizzy, an advanced site search solution for e-commerce stores and  marketplaces, has raised nearly US $300,000 in a funding round.


The company said it will use the funds to evolve the product, amplify its reach to store and  marketplace owners around the world, and make product discovery and shopping a seamless  experience driven by the most advanced site search technology. 

Investors included Manipal Technology &  Media Group, Concept India, Quattro Ventures, Sat Industries, Kolte Patil and top angels like Jio Fund head Amey Marshelkar, Times  Network VP Jignesh Kenai, Serial Investor Sanjeev Shah, Indian Hotels VP Giridhar Sanjeevi,  Strategy Head Amogh Agashe , Anlage CEO Umesh Chhazzed, Capgemini Senior Manager  Umang Shah, Google Marketing Head Jaydeep Deshpande and other marquee angel investors. 

Talking about Wizzy, Ninad Karpe, Partner, 100X.VC said, “Wizzy is at the right stage with the  right product to disrupt the worldwide e-commerce market and is poised to capture a significant  market share. I believe that the team and product is on track to onboard more than 50,000 e commerce stores by 2025 and impact millions of dollars worth of purchases that happen online.” 


Founded in 2021, Wizzy is the brainchild of Aenik Shah and Alok Patel—two passionate,  motivated problem solvers with a strong tech background, who hail from the entrepreneurial spirit  of Ahmedabad. 

Wizzy was created to help solve a major problem for e-commerce stores—making product  discovery easy and seamless for shoppers, just like the most popular marketplace apps. It was  designed to boost visit-to-sales conversion organically as well. 

Wizzy engineered their solution with a four-pronged approach: 


1. Technology: A smart, advanced, visual search and filter built on AI and ML that can be  implemented on any e-commerce store built on any platform—even on hand-coded e commerce websites. 

2. Smart merchandising: Use this technology to allow a store’s site search to automatically  sync with the product catalogue that eventually enables automated smart merchandising.

3. Product discovery: Transform site search into a fast, accurate, NLU-based search  experience that changes the way shoppers (we) discover and buy products.

4. Real-time insights: And finally, Wizzy’s analytics engine constantly monitors search  behaviour and curates data points in real time that can be used to optimise products and  product pages to influence visitor behaviour. 

Wizzy’s vision is to help every e-commerce store and marketplace up its site search game and  boost sales and revenue organically.