These 10 mid-sized IT companies in India are growing very fast

These IT companies have been pacing ahead consistently, clocking strong returns in FY2015,  even as the overall market scenario remained  quite volatile. And with the right investment strategies and business models, they look poised for an impressive growth run in the near future. 

9. Epson India

Epson India clocked a solid 23% top line growth in FY15. At an overall level, Epson is now the #1 brand by value market share in all the key categories it operates in, that is, inkjet printers, projectors, dot matrix printers, and POS printers. The key reason for growth at an overall level is a very strong consumercentric approach pervading through the organization. Moreover, its robust and loyal channel network also helped.

The company also saw extremely strong consumable sales thanks to low cost and high demand for genuine ink bottle for InkTank printers.

As per CMR, Epson’s value market share climbed from 44% to 51% in FY15, whereas HP came down further to 33%. On the projector side, as per CMR, (Value share as per CMR—H1 FY 2014-15), Epson clocked a market share of 23% and remains the #1 projector brand in India.

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