These 10 mid-sized IT companies in India are growing very fast

These IT companies have been pacing ahead consistently, clocking strong returns in FY2015,  even as the overall market scenario remained  quite volatile. And with the right investment strategies and business models, they look poised for an impressive growth run in the near future. 

5. Asus India

In FY15, Asus India continued its growth momentum with substantial 25% increase in revenues. Its revenues zoomed to `2,234 crore from `1,787 crore in the last fiscal.

Its growth was fuelled by a well-diversified product portfolio and strong retail presence across the country.

The company managed to post strong growth despite challenges in the PC market primarily because of its healthy portfolio of devices in India which includes notebook computers, tablets, desktops, etc. Presence in multiple product segments acted as a cushion for Asus.

To increase its market share, Asus has been introducing products relevant to the Indian market.

With its strategy of aggressive retail expansion, the company is aiming to achieve 10% market share in notebooks in India by the end of 2015.

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