10 Apps Making Waves in the Parent-Kids Community

By: Adarsh Sharma, Founder, Plowns 
India is a young country with nearly 300 million school going children, add parents to that mix, and we have a parent-kids category of nearly 500 million users. So, it is not surprising at all that there are thousands of mobile app specifically targetted at this audience. Here, we pick 10 must haves.
Youtube Kids
Youtube is the biggest video platform in the world with the best of video content across categories for people to explore. While full of learning as well as fun videos for kids, Youtube also has content which may not be kid friendly. Solving this problem, Youtube has now launched Youtube Kids, which hosts only kid-friendly content which allows parents to relax while there kids laugh away looking at their favourite video content. 
Byju’s is arguably India’s biggest online-education platform for kids. With the aim of making learning fun for kids, Byju’s offers a visualization focused learning experience for students. There coverage ranges from Class 6th to MBA aspirants. Having been invested in my Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, Byju’s is one of the biggest names in the Indian online education ecosystem now.

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