10 Apps Making Waves in the Parent-Kids Community

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By: Adarsh Sharma, Founder, Plowns 
India is a young country with nearly 300 million school going children, add parents to that mix, and we have a parent-kids category of nearly 500 million users. So, it is not surprising at all that there are thousands of mobile app specifically targetted at this audience. Here, we pick 10 must haves.
Youtube Kids
Youtube is the biggest video platform in the world with the best of video content across categories for people to explore. While full of learning as well as fun videos for kids, Youtube also has content which may not be kid friendly. Solving this problem, Youtube has now launched Youtube Kids, which hosts only kid-friendly content which allows parents to relax while there kids laugh away looking at their favourite video content. 
Byju's is arguably India's biggest online-education platform for kids. With the aim of making learning fun for kids, Byju's offers a visualization focused learning experience for students. There coverage ranges from Class 6th to MBA aspirants. Having been invested in my Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, Byju's is one of the biggest names in the Indian online education ecosystem now.
ABC Kids
abc app
ABC kids is one of the most popular apps around to help kids learn the english alphabet & phonics. The app features tracing games which help kids to recognize letters, relate them to the phonic sounds & have fun through the matching exercises.
Kids Doodle
Kids Doodle is an app that lets kids draw doodles on their hand held devices. The app allows kids to draw on a photo or a blank canvas, using bright colours & 24 different brushes. The app also has a movie mode which plays back various doodles made by the kid in a small video format. No doubt the kids love it!
Kids Place
A parent's phone is generally shared between the parent and the child, and something that is safe for the parent will not always been safe for the child. That is where Kids Place comes in. Kids Place allows parents to block access to certain apps on the phone for their kids. The app also helps parents in restricting new app downloads, calling or texting for the child.
Plowns is a digital repository of kids creations from across India. Plowns is an app where parents can digitally store all the creative work done by their kids, and other parents can both appreciate the child's work & take ideas for their own child's next project. Plowns is a one of its kind app which focuses on extra curricular learning & development of kids.
Probably the biggest name in the Indian parenting market, MyCity4Kids is a blogging platform where mothers & parenting experts help other mothers is raising their kids. MyCity4Kids also helps mothers discover activity classes & local events for their kids.
BabyChakra is a parenting & advice app, which helps mothers discover all the answers they are looking for during pregnancy & early motherhood days. Any mother can ask questions that other mothers on the platform answer. In addition to the user driven engagement, BabyChakra also holds online expert sessions.
Parentlane is an app that helps parents ensure a healthy childhood for their kids. They focus on a new born baby's health, growth, baby milestones & development. Parentlane has a Baby health tracker that allows parents to track a baby's health & take adequate parenting decisions based on them.
Hopscotch is a parent's go to destination for all their kids clothing needs. Hopscotch brings to you new products everyday from 1000+ international brands & boutiques specially curated by them. Parents can also share photographs of their kids in their favorite clothes on the app.
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