Trabaajo is a prudential tool in the recruitment process: Arun Kumar, Founder and CEO, Trabaajo

Trabaajo, is all new mobile application for job search and recruitment facilities for all positions and domain across the world. In an interaction with Dataquest, Arun Kumar, Founder and CEO talks about the start-up, future goals and features of Trabaajo. Excerpts:

Can you please provide an overview of the company?

Trabaajo, a Xenture Technologies initiative, founded in 2016 by Arun Kumar and Sunaina Agarwal with one crore of investment, is a smart recruitment application for job search. It allows potential candidates to give live video interviews based on their aptitude test anywhere in the country and at their convenience. It also offers free job posting, free document verification and detailed resume format as per the industry norms, hiring analytics as well as talent engagement module for its customers. Trabaajo also provides automated notifications. It acts as a first level screening tool for recruiters.

Keeping in view the telecommunication infrastructure in India, the platform has been optimized to run at bandwidth as low as 128 kbps i.e. 2G networks. Trabaajo is the winner of best recruitment application at the world HR Congress-2017.

How do you think Trabaajo app will solve problems of customers?

Trabaajo as an application is a prudential tool which helps in bringing about significant efficiency in the recruitment process whilst bringing about an improvement in hiring conversion ratios. It also helps in reducing the time consumed in the first screening round of interview. At the beta test, it has improved conversion ratios in face-to-face interviews from 15% to more than 73% for its clients. It also solves the time-consuming problem of scheduling interviews (coordinating calendars) between recruiters and candidates.

Other benefits include reducing fraudulent interviews through a robust proctoring mechanism and having an audit trail of interviews to ensure quality standards across the organization.


In the present scenario, how does Trabaajo differs from other recruiting apps?

We are different because we provide a one-stop solution. We not only have resumes but also the feature of taking live video interviews through our app and web portal along with all documents attachment facility. We are not a hiring agency/consultancy/portal, but an application that ensures smooth process of recruitment, carried out through our cognitive algorithm set in the application.

Are there any obstacles the company has been facing related to the software or technology? If yes, how are you planning to overcome them?

The issue concerned is to have the right team who understands and is equally passionate about Trabaajo. We fortunately have a great team but are looking for more, as our second phase is in the process.

Who all are your targeted audience?

The primary target audience is from 22 to 35, who own a smart phone. Others include anyone looking for a job change or even a fresher or the executive of a company can use Trabaajo to apply in all domains, geographies and positions.

Please tell us more about “Real Time Video Interviews”?

Live video interview is a powerful way to connect to people around the world without the hassle of traveling. Like a phone call, you have a live conversation, but the addition of video allows you to communicate using non-verbal. Non-verbal is more important in understanding applicant behavior, attitude and confidence.

Live video interview is a completely different medium than professional studio video. Communicating via webcam is now a formal medium unlike previous generations of video presentations. Most current-generation webcams and smartphones have the capability to stream and live HD-quality video.

Even though not all webcams will provide the quality of a professional video set, the quality will be clear enough to be able to communicate effectively and have an enjoyable experience. This means as long as candidates prepare like they would for an in-person interview, the experience will be comparable.

How can consumers use Trabaajo?

Trabaajo is an integrated platform unlike other video portal which is only for video conferencing. Trabaajo is designed especially for HR job interview, while interviewing through Trabaajo, a hiring manager does not need to have the entire document with them on the table, and it will appear on screen with a mere click. The documents are saved with the applicant profile. There is no need to search for hard copy or soft copy.

The unique proposition of Trabaajo is that it is a bandwidth independent and will run smoothly on 2G networks, ensuring good and seamless video quality.

How safe is Trabaajo in terms of security?

Data security is of prime importance to us as we hold confidential documents of many individuals trusting us and our application-Trabaajo. We follow OSI seven-layer model to ensure data security is intact. Also, we have a dedicated team working on the security of the application.

What are your future strategies?

Global expansions and more client acquisition is our top priority. Our product is user-friendly and is designed to enable any company whether big or small to utilize our services irrespective of any geography.

As recruitment is an essential function to any organization, we cater to a sector which is a need and provide solutions with advanced technology and solutions catering to all.

We aim to be the only interface between an employer and an employee. We have our offices at New York, Chicago (US) and Singapore. We aim to make ourselves available at Paris, Hong Kong and California as our branches by the end of this financial year.

Any other information that you would like to share with us.

Trabaajo is a platform for live video interview, which has committed to give its user an in-person experience, like a face-to-face experience. There is no chance of fraudulency from either side and we also provide free background verification.

We are looking to raise fund from the market. Currently, we are looking to raise $2mn from the venture capitalist or private equity investor.

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