Digital literacy to cover 6 crore rural citizens in 3 years: CSC

-Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, CEO, CSC e-Gov Services India

Common Service Centers Making a Difference

Dr. Tyagi opened up with some exemplary instances where CSC has brought about a change that nobody can imagine. “We have trained banjaras (nomads) in Rajasthan to become digitally savvy. The ability to learn in a 65 years old woman in Chhattisgarh who runs a ration shop, runs it with the help of an android phone. She as well believes that if she can learn then anybody can. We have actually started an online course in Tamil Nadu where you can learn to make mobile apps without knowing coding. This course has oversimplified the process of making a digital calculator or directory for your village.” he recalled.


The basic objective of Digital India is to simplify the life of a common man. There is this advantage of using computer that there is no need to be educated to learn it. You do not even need to know English to use computer. You do not have to become an engineer to develop software nowadays as there are young girls in Tamil Nadu who are developing mobile apps without even having the basic understanding of coding.

The end user is what the focus needs to be on, he should be digitally enabled and provided with the right tools. Rural India is very vibrant and all fellows are now having android mobiles and in operation as well as managing them. They are learning on their own as nobody tells them how to ring up a phone, they all just buy phones and start learning on their own. Through these services, now people in rural areas have learned to easily operate a computer sitting in their village. This combines the physical world with the digital world. Rural India is changing phenomenally.

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