Digital literacy to cover 6 crore rural citizens in 3 years: CSC

-Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, CEO, CSC e-Gov Services India

Role of Digita l India empowering CSC e-Gov

As a number of Digital India initiatives are making the rounds since the very inception of the program, many are playing an important role in giving a powerful thrust to the successful implementation of CSC department as well.


Digital literacy  is one of the key enablers to excite the communities. It is the scheme which is exciting and igniting these entrepreneurs. It generates large amount of income for them as the government pays `300 to an entrepreneur for training one person in digital literacy. If he trains 1000 in his community, which is doable in a year’s time, then he can have 3 lakh rupees. Dr. Tyagi says, “We have already trained about 54 lakh people and we have started to work on our target to train 6 crore citizens in the coming two and a half year’s time. So in no time, 6 crore people in rural India will become digitally literate.”


Digital financial transaction is another value proportion. If you enable 1000 merchants in using digital financial tools installed and in operable condition then he can earn about `1 lakh. So an entrepreneur can become a lakhpati in a month if he covers 1000 merchants. Various digital financial tools like Airtel money, Paytm, State Bank Buddy are available through service providers.


Digital doctor is a scheme where you can do tele-medicine with an Apollo doctor, an ayurvedic doctor or homeopathy doctor. There is also tele consultation for animals. 

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