Digital literacy to cover 6 crore rural citizens in 3 years: CSC

-Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, CEO, CSC e-Gov Services India

Key Challenges in Rural Areas

To overcome these challenges, CSC is training people and upgrading their skills. Through this practice, people are now becoming capable to deliver better services to their community along with their personal skill development. In some rural pockets, power is an issue but the department has found out a mechanism of using laptops which have power back-up of four hours. These laptops help in acting as power back-ups for various purposes. Thus, having 2-3 laptops in the same customer community plays a very helpful part there.


One of the components of Digital India is to create access point. What CSC does is that it deals with creating these access points where citizens can avail G2C and B2C services. The department’s focus is based upon creating these enterprises in every panchayat. Till now, the total number of CSCs created has reached 280,000 in the whole country, out of which some are in urban areas. “We now have 250,000 CSCs with minimum one in every panchayat. If a panchayat is big in size, then even more than one CSCs are created there. About 50,000 panchayats are yet to be implemented with CSCs. The main reason why these panchayats are left out is the availability of connectivity. Our whole value proportion and format is based on connectivity; therefore, without it or with poor quality of connectivity, we still struggle to establish a CSC” said Dr. Tyagi.

It should be noticed that the computing infrastructure in all these 280,000 CSCs is born by the entrepreneur himself and it varies depending on his ability to generate business. There is no involvement of panchayat or the government in this. He bears his own cost, upgrades his structure depending upon his skills and abilities. Based on the ability of the enterprise and the will to generate business, there are computers given varying from 5-50 in one enterprise.

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