Digital India is creating jobs and efficiency in the system

—Kiran Soni Gupta, Additional Secretary and Financial Advisor, Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports & Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India

Digitization in Sports Welfare

Ultimately, technology is a tool. It depends on how much we want to use it. Any device is as good as the user, not more than that. Similarly, a number of technologies are used in government departments which are bringing about a digital change on various levels. “We are trying to develop an app for sports infrastructure. The app will provide information to players about what kind of sports infrastructure is available in different cities. It will be drafted state wise with the necessary information of who is managing it and what the condition of the place is.”


“This is a great example of how combining and organizing all information at one place can give a very beautiful overview of that sector. Otherwise when you have many departments doing one job, the departments’ coordination is all the more based on the availability of the data and information at convenience.”

In times to come, technology is going to get more and more importance. There is no way out. It is hard to imagine now if we can live without computers or e-mails as we have already crossed that stage. That’s where the development is, that is how we are growing. Nobody thought we could make calls across countries on face time. But now we have Whatsapp, Viber, Hike and what not. Whatever we are surrounded with is all built with some technology.


“We started with our computer and digital training long back. We have given continuous training to all the employees. The most important barrier was their mindset. But when you give them no option to run a manual file then only they will work digitally. You are forced to do that otherwise you never learn. Other than just a few tips and tricks which act as speed breakers in the way, we are all for digital development and we are also insisting all our employees to use the digitized formats for their work.” boosts Kiran on her department’s role in digitization.

Challenges faced by Government in Digitization

The data should be stored in one place and it should be used from there on. As the issue with having piles of files is the lengthy process of searching a single piece of information. What government needs is a person who can dedicate his time for the particular job of looking up that information and manually searching heaps of documents. But through machine learning, the process can be easily reduced from five days to one, that too automatic.


The main barrier in the way and the biggest challenge is acceptance of technology. That is in the mind set. “As technology keeps revolutionizing constantly, the mind set needs to be changed as well and it takes time but people do change eventually. Even children are so technologically hooked that I think the coming generations are going to be all about technology, they will be technology driven. I still feel that behind each paper, there is a human life associated. In government we need to appreciate the power of tech. taking decisions for a cause or keeping human welfare in mind. Technology is again assisting you to take decisions. It is not replacing your work or mind, the application of brains still has to be there.” says Kiran.


People are so used to writing on paper. Data available on paper is almost equal to no use when stacked in thousand more similar ones. However having it on a system makes it so convenient to revisit the data anytime, anywhere. The data written on paper needs to be converted into text and used further. Something done on this concept can really improve the whole system and help the organizations as well as the end customer.

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