DQ-CMR T-Schools Survey 2012: Nurturing India's Top Tech Talent

Even as IITs continue to rule, the private institutes are now giving a tough fight on placements and industry relationships


It is a fact that India is one of the few markets globally actually generating minds of great engineering abilities, potential calbre for inventing new and newer technical benchmarks and a definate capable technologist to make a difference in its arena.
And this gets its valdation when our country shows definate churning of best of class engineering students.
The DQ-CMR Top T-School survey reveals undaunted optimision over India's future with Top Technical Schools across the country to nurish, harness and polish young budding engineers to this country's credit.

After rigourous and back breaking rounds of checks and rechecks; DQ CMR T School survey listed Top 10 premium engineering schools and institutions gaining edge over pool of other counterparts under various decisive parameters like Placements, IT infrastructure,Academic Environment and Industry Interface.
The Survey brought back the age old theory of quality shines and gave a comprehensive report for those who are in the decisive phase of choosing the right T-School for their engineering carrers and for those who look out for best minds to work for their company's engineering capabilities.

The Score Card

Unlike the last few years, when we saw IITs as the most revered institutions of knowledge for all round academic excellence taking all the top 5 slots; this year non-IIT's intruded further into the Top10 circle giving a tough fight on placements, industry interface, and other critical


parameters. No doubt the non-IITs are fairing well and moving fast up the ladder giving tough fight to the IIT's in becoming more competitive, qualified and turning up as the new hot favorites.

Having said that, the Top10 still comprised maximum IITs—the #1 rank for years together has been a battle between the IITs, and that held true for 2012 also. IIT Madras topped the survey this year beating IIT Bombay for the top slot. It scored the maximum on industry interface and academic environment. IIT Madras excelled in academic environment tremendously.

What helped was its 15 academic departments and a range of advanced research centers. It is known for even niche areas like VLSI research and had forged close collaborations on this space with various industry leaders. IIT Madras maintains academic collaborations with several other educational institutes in the world through faculty exchange programs. The institute has signed MOUs with several universities abroad, resulting in co-operative projects and assignments for mutual benefit.

So, clearly, this has resulted in excellent institute-industry partnerships which amply reflects on its scores as well. IIT Madras put special emphasis on IT infrastructure this year investing heavily on enhancement of internal bandwidth, purchase of 97 Teraflaps high performance computers, additional storage >150 TB and high performance servers to name a few.

Keeping in mind the current trends and technical advancements, it also carried out backbone network hardware upgradation this year, implementation of BYOD policy and infrastructure, and ensured comprehensive campus surveillance.

IIT Bombay on the other hand had a dramatic fall from the top slot last year all the way down to #4. Even though the institute has always put its best foot forward to ensure that it maintains its numero uno position but last year it slipped on placements, scoring a mere 16.5 points out of 40.

However it made all the right moves to support the think tank of its students, highlighting the importance of playing in a different league. IIT Bombay launched ‘E-Yantra’—a pan India challenge on robotics.

Ranked #2 in the DQ-CRM TSchool Survey, IIT Kanpur managed to beat titans like IIT Mumbai and IIT Delhi. What boosted IIT Kanpur’s ratings this year were parameters like infrastructure (6.91), academic environments (12.05), industry interface (3.11), and placements (26.33). Despite the slowdown, the institution was the center of attraction for companies to acquire talent. Ranked above many other institutes in the country on placements, its students got placed in a number of MNCs. Contributing to its image was also the HR perception score (23.9).

IIT Kharagpur has been able to enjoy an impressive position on the survey owing to the efforts made in the direction of student benefit. Training and recruitment were downers but its innovative efforts helped score a point. On a different front, bringing pride to the institute was the move by IIT KGP Alumni which signed an MoU with Magsaysay award winner Harish Hande’s SELCO to boost solar power. At #6, IIT Delhi’s performance was abysmal.

From #1 in 2010 and #3 in 2011, it has been ousted from even the Top5 circle in this year’s survey. It performed below its reputation on all major parameters—on placement it skidded to 8th place with a meagre 19.77 score, indicating that IIT Delhi is no more a top choice for the industry to recruit talent.

Despite all this, IIT Delhi is a name to reckon with, and draws a lot of interest among industry and aspirants alike in anything it does. It reflects in its adoption of technology to efficiently run the institution adopting world-class processes with the deployment of ERP. Besides, its engagement with the industry had a resonance on many occasions in 2012 through which it tried to impart hands-on training to its students.

IIT BHU moved up 3 positions thanks to its most awaited conversion
of from IT BHU to IIT BHU, that came to an end on May 5, 2012 after getting approval from Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. This year the campus placement was a huge success where it moved from a #14 position to #4.

IIT Guwahati is only 18 years old but has established itself as one of the best engineering schools in the country. It has signed MoUs with various European and South East Asian institutions on research collaboration, faculty, and student exchange.


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Rahul Varma 25 September 2013 at 04:21 PM

It's a shame!!! How come VNIT is not in this list?? VNIT is way better than most of the colleges mentioned in the list :/


Ravees 4 July 2013 at 11:47 AM

Anna University is not listed.. PSG is not listed.. GCT is not listed.. SURPRISING !!!


vishal 17 June 2013 at 03:07 PM

Anna universit is not listed. It must be in top 20.


Bhalchandra 7 June 2013 at 07:15 PM

The strange thing about this Ranking is that NIT-T and NIT-W don't feature in top 15


BITSian 7 May 2013 at 09:45 PM

College of Engineering, Amravati features in top-20. When did this happen?!


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