Windows Phone 8 sales below expectations

Users are already complaining about the Windows Phone 8-powered HTC and Nokia handsets


Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott has quoted one unnamed company source saying early sales of Windows 8 PCs are disappointing and below expectations. Microsoft was expecting a fresh start with the feature packed Windows Phone 8. However, users are already complaining about the Windows Phone 8-powered HTC and Nokia handsets.

As is true of most new software, there are a few lingering issues that need to be resolved. This wouldn't have harmed an established OS like Android and iOS, but for Windows, which is trying to make a name in the OS scene, it can prove stressful.

According to Digital Trends, the HTC Windows Phone 8X seems to be the number one culprit as users are reporting issues pertaining to unsuspected reboots from the WP8 device. For some, the device restarts once a day but for other, it happens much more often. It looks like the issue has been brought to HTC's attention by a user experiencing issues so hopefully a fix is in the works. An issue like this on a high-end device should not be allowed to fester for long.

In the Nokia Lumia 920, random rebooting is being reported but more users seems to be complaining of frozen devices and a poor battery life. One user said their brand new Lumia 920 froze up at least 15 times between a Saturday afternoon and the following Sunday evening.

Users also report batteries draining overnight while the phone is idle, as well as soft resets required to revive a device with a completely drained battery. The Lumia 800 had similar battery issues and the issue was corrected with a software update. Therefore it would be logical to assume Nokia will respond in a similar way with its latest battery troubles.


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