Top 10 most wanted Tech Skills of 2013


CyberCoders, a recruiting firm has released new data on its blog about the skills most in demand for the highest paying technology jobs this year.

They have analyzed more than 10,000 tech companies and their hiring requirements to compile the list of the hottest skills in tech.

They have found that candidates who have experience with iOS development, cloud computing programming and front-end development are most in demand in today's tech job market.

Here are the CyberCoders Top 10 Skills in Tech for 2013

1. Mobile Development (iOS, Android)
2.Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure)
3. Front End Development
4. UX/UI Design5. Big Data (Hadoop, MongoBD, NoSQL)
6. C#
7. Ruby on Rails
8. Java
9. PHP
10. Linux

"A common theme among these technology skills is the need for open source, mobile, cloud or big data technologies, like iOS, Azure and Hadoop," says Matt Miller CTO of CyberCoders.

Front-end development for mobile applications and websites remains a top priority for companies. Developers who are coding with some of the new mobile optimized languages such as CSS3 and HTML5 are vital to tech companies that are looking to build content-rich pages with relatively light code.UX/UI designers are in strong demand as companies appreciate the importance for creating compelling and engaging user experiences - these experiences result in an engaged and returning user base.

iOS and Android development remains one of the most in demand skills in technology. As more and more companies see the necessity to have a presence on native mobile apps, like iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. Anyone looking to have a presence on these devices, or distribution in Apple's AppStore needs to be able to develop for iOS.


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