Is SAP's HANA making Oracle sweat?


In the never-ending battle of royals trying all the time to gain supremacy in the enterprise applications space, the latest dig is from Oracle co-president Mark Hurd. Hurd stated in an interview that if HANA is the "most innovative" thing that SAP can do, "good luck to them"; this is clearly indicative of the heat that Oracle is beginning to feel.

In an interview with Computerworld's Chris Kanaracus last Friday, Hurd referred to SAP's latest armour against Oracle, an in-memory database called HANA, which can crunch enormous amounts of data and play a near-real time analytics tool role, much faster than a traditional Oracle database. Oracle is now banking a lot upon its Oracle Fusion to step up the growth momentum.

SAP HANA has begun to tighten its grip amongst enterprises, which are wanting to deal with the colossal big data, as an in-memory computing tool. The response from the market has led SAP executives to term HANA as the fastest growing product in SAP's history.

SAP's co-CEO Bill McDermott even declared it was "the fastest growing software product in the history of the world." It may be recalled that while speaking to Dataquest recently, Bernd Leukert, executive VP, corporate officer for SAP Business Suite Applications, SAP had commented on SAP Business One which is also powered by the SAP HANA platform, "We foresee a significant change in the whole IT market. The change will be so dramatic that it would lead to an industrial revolution lke we had 20 years ago when mainframe as a technology was key standard in the industry and was replaced by client server". Leukert said that roughly 5,000 new names are getting added in SAP's ecosystem y-o-y.

Hurd is reported to have said in the interview, "Are you going to take your core ERP and change out the infrastructure, with the risk that it falls apart, the risk that it doesn't work? Our view has been for SAP, particularly, if they want to spend their time and money going after database, that's great. ... If that's their most innovative thing, good luck to them."


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